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Our Alumni

Some of Our Alumni:
1. Bed Prasad Poudel (MPhil from IACER, Now at University of Hawaii, USA)
2. Laxmi Prasad Pathak (MPhil from IACER, Now at Leakhead University, Faculty member)
3. Puskar Joshi (MA from IACER, PhD pursuing at Columbia University)
4. Sweta Baniya (MA from IACER, PhD from Purdue University, Now Assistant Professor at
Verginia Tech University)
5. Bhushan Aryal (MA and MPhil from IACER, PhD from West Virginia University, Now
Program Director at University of Delaware)
6. Madhu Sudan Atreya (MA from IACER, PhD from South Korea, Now Assistant Professor at S.
7. Shraddha Pokharel (MA form IACER, Now at Mahidol University in full scholarship)
8. Santosh Khadka (MA form IACER, PhD from Syracuse University, Now Associate
Professor at California State University)
9. Suresh Lohani (MA and MPhil from IACER, Now pursuing PhD at University of Texas, El
10. Nitya Pandey (MA from IACER, Now pursuing PhD at University of Florida)
11. Prakash Subedi (MPhil from IACER, Now pursuing PhD at Monas University, Australia)
12. Roshani Dhamala (MA from IACER, MA from Virginia-Tech University, USA)
13. Raj Khadka (MA from IACER, PhD from University of British Columbia, Canada)
14. Bhushan Shrestha (MA from IACER, Now Communication officer at UN Headquarters, New
York, USA)
15. Bishwa Poudel (MA from IACER, PhD from University of Delaware, USA)