Message from Principal


Prof. Arun Gupto Ph.D.

IACER has entered its fourteenth year of academic pursuit. During these years we have engaged ourselves with students from various academic disciplines and professions. We have endeavored to learn about life and art, the values of the Humanities, about individuals and communities, about conceptualizing the world around us, and many other humble and eminent things.

Amidst such dynamism of scholarly pursuit, I have always believed in what my favorite thinker, Jacques Derrida, says: “Scholarship is the profession of ethics, which prepares mature minds who in turn shape and modify social behaviors. This is the idea of the university in general and the Humanities in particular. Things that concerns the history of truth and values, in its relation to the questions of man and society, of what is just to man, of human rights, of democracy, of crime against humanities, and so forth, all must find its space of discursivity, without condition and without presupposition, its legitimate space of research and insight, within the university and above all within the Humanities.” I welcome students to such a world of knowledge and honesty. On behalf of the members of the institute, I assure you that our goal is to evoke the passion of knowledge under and around the old trees here which stands firm from rain to icy cold, from the fall to the regeneration of its leaves.