At IACER, we believe that interaction and exchange between disciplines is crucial to a successful graduate education. We are the only institution that accepts students from different academic and professional backgrounds into the M.A. and M. Phil programs, and our courses weave knowledge from different avenues of human understanding. Additionally, we update our courses every semester, which allows each group of students to explore a multitude of relevant fields and their discourses.

The M.A. and M. Phil in English programs are rigorous and academically engaging, and the courses we offer invite you to discover some of the world’s greatest ideas and arguments while you develop your critical thinking and writing skills through engagement with texts, teachers and peers.

IACER’s M.A. in English program combines a host of courses that are essential to find cross-disciplinary solutions to contemporary problems. We offer courses in globalization, communication studies, international relations and conflict transformation, environmental studies, American studies and more, all of which are centered on the core English Studies.

                                                                                                           Disciplinary Categories for MA and MPHIL                                                                                                   

Literature and Art Literary & Cultural Theories, Philosophy         Writing & Composition Society & Development
Poetry as Verbal Artifice, Fiction, Drama, Prose Literary Theory Rhetoric and Composition Gender Studies
Literatures of Spiritual Quest Literary Studies   Discourses on Globalization
Western Drama Criticism & Theory Critical Discourse Analysis Studies on Conflict
Tragedy Colonial and Postcolonial  Studies Language & Linguistics Ethnic Identities: Race, Class, and Gender
Modern and Postmodern Fiction Cultural Studies Research Methods International  Relation
  Nepal Studies, India Studies, China Studies,
Rethinking South Asian Studies
  Literature of Conflict and Resistance
  Western Intellectual Tradition   Law and Literature
  Rethinking Sout