IACER’s M.Phil in English program integrates academic and professional courses to help students explore their passions and discover possibilities of thought that enhance their existing professional careers and inform their academic futures. We offer courses in areas such as cultural studies, philosophy, ethnic and identity studies, and international relations, all of which are centered on the core English Studies program.

IACER M. Phil. programs, there are Independent Studies and Dissertation options, as well as individualized courses, that give you the freedom and flexibility to follow your personal interests and curiosities.

                                                                                                         Disciplinary Categories for MPHIL PROGRAM

Literature and Art Literary & Cultural Theories, Philosophy         Writing & Composition  Society & Development
Poetry as Verbal Artifice, Fiction, Drama, Prose Literary Theory Rhetoric and Composition Gender Studies
Literatures of Spiritual Quest Literary Studies   Discourses on Globalization
Western Drama Criticism & Theory Critical Discourse Analysis Studies on Conflict
Tragedy Colonial and Postcolonial  Studies Language & Linguistics Ethnic Identities: Race, Class, and Gender
Modern and Postmodern Fiction Cultural Studies Research Methods International  Relation

Nepal Studies, India Studies, China Studies, Rethinking South Asian Studies

  Literature of Conflict and Resistance
  Western Intellectual Tradition   Law and Literature
  Rethinking Sout